Nayagarh Prajamandal Mahila Mahavidyalaya

Nayagarh, Odisha


"Books are the carriers of Civilization. Without books, history is silent, literature dumb, science crippled, thought and speculation at a stand still". So welcome to the world of wisdom, the library of Nayagarh Prajamandal Mahila Mahavidlaya . The College library has 12361 books.

Library Rules:

  • The staff and students of the College and other persons specially permitted by the Principal may use the library.
  • The Library is open from 10.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M. on all working days.
  • Books will be issued to the students of different classes according to the time schedule to be notified from time to time by the Principal.
  • Each borrower must Examine and report the condition of the books before they are issued.
  • Books shall be returned with in the period allowed to the borrowers.
  • When the time of the return of a book falls on an authorized holiday it may be returned to the library on the next issue date.
  • All books belonging to the library and on the possession of borrowers shall be returned to the Library before the college classes for the long vacation or before the date notified for the purpose of physical verification of library stock be ensured by the librarian annually.
  • Any body in possession of a library book shall return it to the library whenever he/she receive a requisition notice for the return of the same from the librarian.
  • No marginal or other notes or Marking shall be marked in the library book nor shall any picture or pages be removed or turn or otherwise disfigured. In such cases the borrower shall be asked to replace the books tampered by him or her.
  • Although ordinarily there will be no restriction on the use of books in the library, the principal has right to stop the issue of certain books to the intending borrowers.
  • If any borrower keeps a library book in his or her possession for more than the time allowed for the purpose no book will further be issued to her/him until the book concerned is restored to the library. Further the defaulting borrower shall be liable to pay a fine of Rs. 1.00 per day of default. Default sense shall immediately be reported to the Principal.
  • The following is a list showing the maximum number of books that may be issued to the various clauses of borrowers.

a)      Member of Teaching Staff    -        20 each
b)      Ministerial Staff                   -        03 each
c)      Demonstrator                      -        07 each
d)      Librarian                             -        07 each
e)      Out side member                 -        01 each
         (Specially permitted by the Principal)
f)       Degree pass student            -        02 each
g)      Degree (Hons)                    -        03 each
h)      +2 (science / arts)               -        01 each
More than one volume found together shall be treated as one book.

  • A book once issued to a borrower, may be re issued to him /her only when nobody else had demand for the book. Books before reissue shall be physically presented before the librarian for necessary entries in the record.
  • Books of reference, map, text books university calendars, current issues of periodicals, courses of study and rare books shall not be issued out of the library with out the special permission of the principal.
  • Members of teaching staff, non teaching staff Demonstrator, ministerial staff, and research scholar may take the book from the librarian signing a loan register. Student must take books from the library on signing a loan register students must take books on cards which will be given to them at the time of admission in the beginning of each session. Students also produce their Identity cards to the librarian when she wants.
  • a)      Each years “Text book” as prescribed / recommended by the affiliating university and council be earmarked and issue of such books be regulated as below.
    1. Issue of such books may be restricted to the concerned subject teachers only.
    2. One borrower may be allowed to take at any time only one copy of a text book.
    3. While text books prescribed / recommended for the year in question may be issued to the concerned teacher for one session, a student may be allowed to borrow it for fortnight only.
  • Any book lost or damaged or destroyed by a borrower it must be replaced by him/her if the book is one of a set or series and the volume can not be obtained singly. The whole set or series must be replaced at the borrowers cost. If the books are rare and irreplaceable the borrower must pay an amount up to maximum of double of the market price of the book. IN case of the book out of print tripled of the cost of the book charged.
  •  In those case in which the price of the lost books can not be ascertained he/ she should pay as compensation of an amount fixed by the principal.
  • Students to borrow a book from the library should deposit one of her library cards with the librarian.
  • Ordinarily no students will be allowed to keep the books with her during summer vacation. Any student who wants to take library books for summer vacation Should apply to the principal with the recommendation of the Prof  I/c Library.
  • If a student loses her card a duplicate card will be issued to her by the librarian against a fine of Rs. 10/- which will be deposited at the college cash counter and received a money receipt.
  • Bench of library rules makes a borrower liable to penal proceedings and to loss of her rights of use of the library.
  • Any interpretation of rules, the decision of the principal relating to library shall be final.