Nayagarh Prajamandal Mahila Mahavidyalaya

Nayagarh, Odisha


There is one women’s hostel which provides accommodation to 140 students of this college.


  • Students who desire to reside in the Hostels will have to mention it clearly in the application form under the appropriate head or can apply in through prescribed proforma after admission if seats are available. No student can claim, as a matter of right, to stay in a particular hostel or in a particular room.
  • The selection for admission to hostel is made on the basis of merit, distance and good conduct after admission into the college.
  • The selection of the old boarders will be determined on the basis of their performance in the last Annual Examination and good conduct. Mrs. Basantilata Das , Lect. In History, the Superintendent and Mrs S. Mohanty Astt. Supdt. are continuing till date.
  • In case of withdrawal, an application to that effect shall be made by the parents / guardians.
  • The superintendents will allot seats to those students who bring receipts of admission to hostel from the college office.
  • Only parents/guardians are allowed to leave their wards in the hostel and fill up their visiting forms available in the Hostel office.
  • The superintendent will maintain an admission register of the boarders stating their bio-data during their stay in the hostel. The superintendent will inform the principal, his parents, local guardian and the HOD in case of the boarder’s misconduct.
  • The Principal is the final authority in respect of admission of boarders in the hostel and reserves the right to change any rules as he deems fit.


  • Each boarder will be provided with a cot, a table and a chair.
  • All the boarders in a room will enjoy a ceiling Fan.
  • Boarders are required to make good use of the furniture which is their individual responsibility.
  • Any willful damage of the hostel furniture and electric installations by a boarder will make him/her liable for heavy penalties.
  • The superintendent is required to conduct an annual check of the hostel furniture and other articles, and a report of the stock position has to be submitted to the principal before closer of the college for summer vacation.
  • The superintendent should also submit to the principal a report on the repair-work to be undertaken during summer vacation.
  • The boarders have to arrange their own electric bulbs.

Rules & Regulation

Study Hours:

  • The hours fixed for the study hours are :
    • 6.30 A.M. to 9.15 A.M.
    • 6.30 P.M. to 9.30 P.M.
  • No boarder shall ordinarily be allowed to leave his/her room during study hours.

Visiting Hours :

  • Wednesday and Saturday 3.30 PM to 5.00 P.M
  • Sunday – 8 .00 A.M to 5 P.M.
  • Visitors will be received in the visitor’s room
  • Authorized visitors (Parents, Guardian, Local guardian (3) three mans with photograph sign at the lime of admission are allowed to visit their wards on any working day with prior permission of the superintendent or Asst. Suptd.
  • Friends of the boarders may be allowed to visit with the permission of the superintendent