Nayagarh Prajamandal Mahila Mahavidyalaya

Nayagarh, Odisha

Co Curricular Activity

Sl.No Activities Name of Lectures
1 Secy. Staff Council Mrs.Binodini Narendra, Lect. in Eco
2 Joint Secy. Staff Council Mis. S.R Routaray. Lect in Education.
3 Accounts Bursar Mr. Trinath Pal. Lect. In Sans.
4 Administrative Bursar Mrs.R.Mohapatra, Reader in Eng
5 Academic Bursar Mrs.PuspalataDash, Reader in Hsc
Smt.Sakila Jamal, ODIA
6 Prof. in charge Examination Mrs.B.L.Das, Lect. in Hist Eng
Sri P.C.Nanda, Psy
Sri S.S.Panigrahi, Bio
7 Prof.incharge E- Admission & Re admission +2 Mrs.Puspita Mohanty, Psy
Sri Ganesh Mishra,Lecturer in Bot.
Mr.R.C.Mahapatra, Math
Mr.P.K.Nayak, Pol.Sc
Sri S.S.Panigrahi, Bio.
  Prof.incharge E- Admission & Re admission +3 Dr.Krupasindhu Karan, Edn
Mrs.Jyotsna Prusty, Eco.
Sri P.K.Nayak, Pol.Sc.
Miss.Debasmita Pattanaik, Sans
8 charge Cultural Society Dr.Manasi Sahoo, Sans Botany
Mrs K.P MISHRA Lect in chem.
Mr.P.K Nayak Lect in Pol Sc
Mr.P.C Nanda Demo in Psy
9 charge Dramatic Society Mrs. Hist. Music. Home Sc
Mr P.C. Nanda Demo Psy
Mrs P.Tripathi Dem. Phy
10 charge  Athletic Society Mrs.P.Mohanty, Psy Bot.
11 Library Committee Mrs B.L Das Lect inHist
Mrs S.Jamal Lect in Odia
Dr M.Sahoo Lect in Sans
Dr.B.P.Mishra, ODIA
12 Construction Committee –cum-U.G.C. Affairs Mrs.R.Mahapatra,Reader in Eng
Mr.Trinath Pal, Sans 
Mrs.B.L.Das, Hist
13 Discipline committee Mrs.P.L.Dash, Reader in Home Sc.
Mrs.R.Mohapatra,Reader in Eng
Mrs.S.Jamal, ODIA
14 Internal Quality Assurance Cell Mrs.R.Mahapatra, Reader in Eng
Mrs.P.L.Dash,Reader in Home Sc
Dr.K.Karan, Education
Sri P.K.Nayak, Psc
15 Equal Opportunity Cell Mrs. R.Mohapatra,Reader in Eng
Smt.Sakila Jamal, Lecturer in ODIA
Mrs.B.Narendra,Lecturer in Eco
16 Furniture Mr.R.C.Mahapatra, Math
17 Staff Common room Miss D.Pattanaik, Sans
18 Student Common room  Mrs.Pramodini Panda, Hsc
Mrs N. K Jena Demo in Chem
19 Time Table& Work load  Mr.P.K.Nayak, Psc.
20 charge of D S A  Mrs.K.Sahoo, Hist
Mr.S.S.panigrahi, Bio
21 Calender Mrs.P.L.Dash, Reader in Home Sc
22 Publication Committee Mrs.R.Mohapatra, Eng
Dr.B.P.Mishra, ODIA
Dr.Manasi Sahoo, Sans
23 Scholar ship & Syllabus(+2 & +3) Mr. P.K Nayak Lect in Pol Sc
24 Gradation List (CHSE & UNIV) Mr. P.K Nayak Lect in Pol Sc
25 Literacy Activity Mrs.K.Dash, Eng
26 Prof.I/C Electricity Mr.R.C.Mahapatra, Math
27 Career Counselling & Placement Cell Dr.K.Karan, Edn
28 Progrmme Officer  N.S.S Hist.
29 National Day Celebration Mrs S Rath PET
30 charge Y.R.C Mrs.P.L.Dash, Reader in HSc
Mrs.Sandhya Rath,P.E.T.
31 charge College Canteen Mrs.Indira Devi, Librarian
Mrs.P.Panda, HSC
32 charge Students Attendance Arts & Science  Miss.R.Mohanty, Psy
Mrs.K.P.Mishra, Che
33 charge Hostel Advisory Committee   Mrs.R.Mahapatra. Adm. Bursar.
Mrs S. R Routray Lect in Edu
Mr. G Mishra Lect in Botany
34 Superintendent College Hostel   Mrs.R.B.Acharya, Pol.Sc
35 Asst. Supt. Hostel   -----------------------
36 Development cum Academic Council Mrs.P.L.Dash,Reader in Hsc
Mrs.R.Mahapatra, Reader in Eng
Mr.Trinath Pal, Sans.
Mrs. S.Jamal, ODIA
Mrs. B.L.Das, Hist
Mrs. B..Narendra, Eco
Mrs .S.R.Routray, Edn
Mrs.P.Mohanty, Psy
Mrs. R.B.Achatya, Psc
Mr. G.Mishra, Botany
38 Seminar   Workshop Dr. Manasi Sahoo, Sans    
38 RTI Officer  Mr P.K.Nayak, Lect. in Pol.Sc
39 Students Grievance Mr K. Karan Dept of Edu
Mr P.K Nayak Dept of Pol Sc 
40 NAAC Core Committee Dr. K. Karan Lect in Edu
Mr P.K Nayak Lect in Pol Sc
Mrs.Jyotsna Prusty, Eco
41 Internal Coordination /Monitoring Committee Mrs.B.L.Das,Lect. in History
Mrs.S.Tripathy, Lect. in Hist
42 Grievance Redressal Cell for Employees Mrs.P.L.Dash,Reader in Home Sc.
Mrs. R.Mohapatra, Reader in Eng
Smt.Sakila Jamal, ODIA 
43 Internal Complaint Committee &(Anti Ragging Cell) Mrs.P.L.Dash, Reader in Home Sc
Mrs.R.Mohapatra,Reader in Eng
Smt.Sakila Jamal, ODIA
Mrs.B.L.Dash , Lect. in History
44 Finance Committee Mr.T.Pal, Acctt.Bursur
Mrs.R.Mohapatra,Reader in Eng
Mrs.J.Prusty, Lect. in Eco.
45 Students Grievance redressal Cell Mrs.P.L.Dash,Reader in Home Sc.
Mrs. R.Mohapatra, Reader in Eng
Smt.Sakila Jamal, ODIA 
46 Environment Management Committee Mrs.S.R.Routray, Edu
Miss.D.Pattanaik, Sans
Mrs.Kasturi Sahoo, Hist 
47 Campus Ministry Mrs.R.Mohapatra, Reader in Eng
Mrs.P.L.Dash, Reader in Hsc.
Mrs.B.L.Das, Hist 
48 Remedial Programme Committee Mrs.K.Dash, Eng
Mrs.R.B.Acharya, Psc 
49 Placement Committee Dr. K.Karan, Edu
Miss R.Mohanty, Psy 
50 N.S.S. & Y.R.C. Committee Miss.K.Sahoo, Hist
Mrs.S.Rath, PET
51 Social Lab. Co-ordination Committee Mrs.P.Mohanty, Psy
Mrs.K.Sahoo, Hist.
52 Research Committee Dr.B.P.Mishra, ODIA
Dr.Manasi Sahoo, Sans
Dr.K.Karan, Edu
53 Alumini Committee Psc
Mr.G.Mishra, Bot
Dr.K.Karan, Edu
54 Art & Sport Club Mrs.B.Narendra, Eco
Mr.G.Mishra, Bot
Mrs.P.Mohanty, Psy
Mrs.S.Tripathy, Hist
55 Legal Literacy Com. Mrs.P.L.Dash,Reader In Hsc
Mrs.R.B.Acharya, Psc
Mrs.K.Sahoo, Hist
56 Social Work Com. Mrs P.L.Dash,Reader in Hsc
57 Student’s Welfare Com. Mr.G.Mishra, Bot
Miss.D.Pattanaik, Sans
58 Extracurricular Com. Mrs.S.R.Routray, Edu
Dr.K.Karan, Edu
Sri P.K.Naik, Psc
59 Planning Forum Sri T.Pal, Sans
Mrs.B.Narendra, Eco
Mrs.J.Prusty, Eco
60 Purchase Committee Mrs.B.Narendra, Eco
Mrs.K.Dash, Eng
Dr.M.Sahoo, Sans.
61 Computer Literacy Programme Com. Mrs.B.Narendra, Eco
Mrs.K.Dash, Eng
Dr.M.Sahoo, Sans.

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